Let's Leave Pranks in 2020
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My New Favorite Bad Movie
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Ellen's Fall from Grace
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A Hospital Run By Tik Tokers
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The Real Drew Gooden
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YouTuber Books
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This Movie Has Every Stereotype
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What is Rick Lax doing?
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Trying Relationship Life Hacks
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Jumping the Shark
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I'm Disappointed
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I Auditioned For Kidz Bop
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Losing Your Relatability
Arrested for Clout
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Is SNL Even Funny?
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Sequels That Aren't Sequels
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Why Is YouTube Music So Bad?
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Smash or Pass: Family Edition
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Good cop/Bad cop
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BatTo Bat
BatTo Bat 7 orë më parë
These comments are k i l l i n g me
Trent Hamnus
Trent Hamnus 7 orë më parë
Uhhh, Drew, you did dinner and a movie, where's my goodnight kiss??!
ThePandaKing 7 orë më parë
The main reason they do this isnt because you want to be in some "exclusive" club, its so when someone sends you a meme from their page you have to follow them to see it. Thats why I followed a mojority of these pages just from groupchats and people sending posts to them. And it just spreads from there when I send a meme to someone not realizing they're private.
random person
random person 7 orë më parë
*M O O D*
Maddie Howelter
Maddie Howelter 7 orë më parë
where’s our goodbye kiss 😡
Bluddy Rag
Bluddy Rag 7 orë më parë
Genious > Genius
Franklin Huang
Franklin Huang 7 orë më parë
Great video.
Queen Tea
Queen Tea 7 orë më parë
Some people’s inability to detect sarcasm is worrying sometimes 😂
Skeletal Recorder
Skeletal Recorder 7 orë më parë
Thanks for not putting brooklyn 99 on the cop show list because if you did i would be angy
Andrea Alvino
Andrea Alvino 7 orë më parë
Drew: ok now stay Me: just duct tape the cat down (or just hold it)
y-u-r-m 7 orë më parë
when you finally see it after two years 😂
Daniela Ruiz
Daniela Ruiz 7 orë më parë
I completely agree, sadly there isn’t a lot of streaming services that offer Mexican/Spanish shows or live sports. That’s the only reason we keep ours. Streaming services aren’t always different language friendly.
Green Berry
Green Berry 7 orë më parë
me scrolling looking for tally hall fans
HmanD3 Miller
HmanD3 Miller 7 orë më parë
Holy shit, Drew made a clone
Annoying Gamez
Annoying Gamez 7 orë më parë
i still cant understand the joke on your screen :((((((
atheia kid
atheia kid 7 orë më parë
Yancy's little car is a Nissan Hypermini, it was electric and only 219 were ever made.
No Name
No Name 7 orë më parë
Buzz knudson has 2 Oscars and 12 nominations according to IMBD
Hooded Man
Hooded Man 7 orë më parë
Did you not catch that the movie was PG 13? Both it and the original Kindergarten Cop are obviously not kids movies. It's still terrible of course but it's not meant for kids.
Hooded Man
Hooded Man 7 orë më parë
Sugar doesn't actually make kids hyper, that's just a myth; however, the act of giving them a treat might hype them up.
Geoff Gon
Geoff Gon 8 orë më parë
And the cars are cool and stuff are cool
Drake The Snake 2
Drake The Snake 2 8 orë më parë
My favorite part 😂 17:40
hexlgaming 8 orë më parë
1:39 where were these rating pulled from?
Dark Skull
Dark Skull 8 orë më parë
13:41 I feel so bad for Amanda who had to hear this LMAO
Kamcy Ngene
Kamcy Ngene 8 orë më parë
I'll take that monitor for $80
CCRCPP Playz 8 orë më parë
So they’re married right why did the husband say “No I don’t your my BEST FRIEND”
Nightmare Fuel
Nightmare Fuel 8 orë më parë
The cheekbones
Lindsey 8 orë më parë
Wonder if you actually had covid..
Weedle Doo
Weedle Doo 8 orë më parë
i let this play for my dad and he got mad at me
Vuk Vukmanovic 1-2
Vuk Vukmanovic 1-2 8 orë më parë
I mean its clear that juice wrld took the guitar intro from “shape of my heart” but you dont hear that singer sue juice wrld
Normy Norms
Normy Norms 8 orë më parë
honey might help us to simp more lol
danicallmeover 8 orë më parë
She is such a liar saying she likes Dakota thank god she exposed her, Dakota is a legend. Ellen also thinks she is funny and she's just horrible at it 😂
Manny Lai
Manny Lai 8 orë më parë
Yeah I do need a hair cut.
Kerfuffle 8 orë më parë
They tried to make guppy so much cooler than she sound ve 🤣🤣
Jess deBoer
Jess deBoer 8 orë më parë
That silly moment at the beginning of the video when Danny calls himself 😜
CrazyBearsFan 8 orë më parë
the end of the movie was really like, "its just a prank bro"
koop 8 orë më parë
The entire 2.5 million budget went to making the misketti joke
Manny Lai
Manny Lai 8 orë më parë
any one else seen the film theroy episode?
Rocco Perdenza
Rocco Perdenza 9 orë më parë
I feel like Stranger Things has kind of run it’s course. I mean (spoiler alert) season 3 ends with a meaningful sacrifice and two of the most crucial characters moving away, yet season 4 is in production? Idk, that might be just me.
Ayla Jinxee
Ayla Jinxee 9 orë më parë
unpopular opinion: Will Ferrell is not funny at all.
PeruvianRottweiler 9 orë më parë
"This iteration of their corporate icons isn't anything like the iterations of corporate icons *I* had when I was a kid, so it can't possibly be meant for anything but kids and bringing them into the cradle-to-grave brand loyalty *I* was indoctrinated with when I was young and have now solidified into a powerful belief system and dedication of my money to it as form of self-expression." "WHY DO THEY KEEP REMAKING STUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUFF!?"
Alex Parmley
Alex Parmley 9 orë më parë
I had no idea these old training videos were a thing until I worked at Wendy's. I then looked up these videos on my break and afterwards I started singing them when I got off break. Everyone told me to shut up. It was a great time
Manny Lai
Manny Lai 9 orë më parë
The origin of Shrek. How beautiful.
Tala U.
Tala U. 9 orë më parë
As a kid I shall say... we still make fun of kids bop.
broman bishop
broman bishop 9 orë më parë
still dont understand the road work one but I still laugh
Willow Ashnola
Willow Ashnola 9 orë më parë
What the heck do Jake’s footnotes say?
Yengest 9 orë më parë
Great motivation 👍
Rosie McLeish
Rosie McLeish 9 orë më parë
Why do I feel like he watched John mulaney 5 minutes before making this
Hazy J
Hazy J 9 orë më parë
Actual footage from Black Mesa, circa 1998
tt 9 orë më parë
1:43 withpering
Ruby Easthouse
Ruby Easthouse 9 orë më parë
"The Good Docter" is actualy really good! i recommend it
Sherlock Holmes
Sherlock Holmes 9 orë më parë
haha this was uploaded on my birthday
DogToast1 9 orë më parë
I don't care if people wear glasses. I just don't understand why somebody would want to because I would much rather not have to where them.
HutchHere 9 orë më parë
Ok but the fridge guy is correct.
HutchHere 9 orë më parë
The ant guy gets me every time
Kaat 9 orë më parë
we never got the goodnight kiss...
Willow Ashnola
Willow Ashnola 9 orë më parë
It’s a closed loop system!
broman bishop
broman bishop 9 orë më parë
kidz bop be like execute all good music 66
Maller420 9 orë më parë
Say it ain't so I will not go Turn the lights off Carry me home Nja-nja, nja-nja, nja-nja, nja-nja, nja-nja
Cassidy Doyle Knudsen
Cassidy Doyle Knudsen 9 orë më parë
I will not take this BLASPHEMY! this was my favourite movie as a kid
Julian Contreras
Julian Contreras 9 orë më parë
I personally like the offices extra 49 episodes
Graeme Cornette
Graeme Cornette 9 orë më parë
Oops I meant to put the pointer oopsie
Laser Crab Alternate Universe
Laser Crab Alternate Universe 9 orë më parë
15:18 i have the same thing but its blue and I found it in the clearance isle in target so i guess you can call me an entrepreneur 💵🤑💲💸💰🔥🔥
Abigail Craig
Abigail Craig 10 orë më parë
Amanda is beautiful
jose armando Rodriguez
jose armando Rodriguez 10 orë më parë
Is it ironic that I just got an ad about a movie called the little thing?
Sam Hawpe
Sam Hawpe 10 orë më parë
What’s the third album on the shelf? I’ve seen it but can’t make out what it is
Lucas Lewin
Lucas Lewin 10 orë më parë
Do you look like sid the sloth?
TheKnight 42
TheKnight 42 10 orë më parë
Drew is mad at the army prank because Amanda went missing in Afghanistan
Paul the walrus
Paul the walrus 10 orë më parë
21:18 "Gooby may have gone on, but he left me with all sorts of stuff" Like Chlamydia-
Chiara Baker
Chiara Baker 10 orë më parë
me with my 1 pair of Kmart shoes ........
Aidan McGuire
Aidan McGuire 10 orë më parë
Max screaming sounds like Gangster's Paradise and I CANNOT UNHEAR IT
BadBunny2079 10 orë më parë
why'd i think at 0:26 they'd kiss wtf
Matthew Thirkettle
Matthew Thirkettle 10 orë më parë
the sad thing is that your version of the kim possible movie is actually better than the real thing
Milo The Angel
Milo The Angel 10 orë më parë
I have a grandmother named Nancy and one of the grandkids used to call her Yancy cause he couldn’t pronounce his N’s and I genuinely didn’t know that was an actual name until now, 👀
Maddy Vuignier
Maddy Vuignier 10 orë më parë
I'm so here for angry sick vibes?
Yashfa Fatima
Yashfa Fatima 10 orë më parë
i'm just imaging the editors face when editing these books
that one persons
that one persons 10 orë më parë
If I restarted you want me and you are going back and then you can I go with the rest and get the rest for a good time to go and see what I have a good day for the weekend of May 21st so we will have to tell me what I want and what is the best thing for me and what is the best thing for me and my family to do something for the best and best I know is to have the opportunity for me and my wife to play with me in a few months or something to get to know me and to me to do something I don't know what I am I allowed for the same thing and that you have a lot to play with you want me and I was like a little bloody girl that's gonna make sure everything was good enough to be honest about it.
Minty Hippo
Minty Hippo 10 orë më parë
I also love the CNBC video's implication that people who spend $100 on a single meal on a weekly basis would give a crap about saving $400 a year.
koop 10 orë më parë
Super stacker party is actually one of the best games ever
Aubry Hansen
Aubry Hansen 10 orë më parë
Ayo you forgot the goodnight kiss
ThatRandomWeeb 10 orë më parë
these comments are a bit last year 👀